Saturday, March 17, 2007


Hello there!
Long tome no speaky(to myself)
Something about a sore spine preventing the human from sitting in front of the computah for more than 30seconds.....Meet little white elephant and Kewpie. They are a couple of funny fellows. Right now the little white elephant is saying,"HA ha ha ha ha Oh! Kewpie, that's a really funny story, how big did you say it was?"
Yeah they are a couple of real comedians.
You will all be pleased to hear that the nights are almost getting cooler(2nights in a row!) although the days are still a bit hot. It tried to rain again but not enough to crack open the crack about. Speaking of crack...Anna Nichole Smith has really taken over the chook pen. I have a sneaking suspicion she may be non gender specific, if you know what I mean.....No not that there is anything wrong with that. I read over some of my older bloggs and I'm a bit worried that I might be coming across as a complete mental. But remember....I'm very hairy.
Autumn breezes are whispering around my ear follicles.