Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hairy arse

Meet Anna Nicole Smith our latest addition to the chook fraternity. Yes she is Buxom and she speaks her mind in so many unthinkable ways. Yet she is one of the lucky ones. For we have trapped and sent 4 feral cats and one fox to a watery grave and someone (not us, ran over another one of the cats on the bridge. ...The rickety bridge)
There was Ren and Stimpy, Frieda and Carlo and Ivon and Carlo2 and so many more. Now the Chickens are all safe but we keep the trap set just in case!!!! I understand that this kind of killing is justified not only because it saves so many chooks but also native animals.Cats and foxes are imported and they are killing many native spicies.Vivian has never been ouside.
love and kindness to you all, they are not a sign of weekness but strength,
I have a very hairy arse

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Poor End

I can't remember wether I have shown this painting before. Thats because I have a brain like a siv due to my miss spent youth. It is a painting called "The Angel of Queen Street"
Thats Queen St. in Sydney. Its full of very very rich people who sit at roadside cafes talking loudly. I lived at the poorend of that street for a while,(only in spirit because I wasn't born yet....(Remember I am a slightly angry young chihuahua)
So anyway there I was mixing it with the scum of the earth with Jed the one wot came befor me.(Dog Wise)When an angel walked infront of a ZX9R kawasaki bloody buggery convertable Rolls Royce!
So now you see what I see.
May you come to understand your ghosty maker

Sunday, February 11, 2007


This is my food bowl. Its not a big food bowl. Its not a very fancy food bowl. But its MY food bowl and its empty. Its empty because no one has bothered to put any food in it. I like to look at my food bowl. Its nice and cool on the lino and if I stay here long enough and look despondent enough somehow it might fill up with food, I live in hope. and that's the beauty of life. There is always hope. As long as you have a food bowl. Even if you don't have one you could always hope for one. Sometimes I dig at my food bowl in the hope it will fill up with lovely food. I'm Tubbs and I'm hopeful.

Friday, February 9, 2007

CIA and Iran

Staying with my deep rooted interest with all thing drying on a hills hoist. Yes, I realise this is NOT a hills hoist, it is a four stringed drying apparatus. However, with these petty distractions you are picking my nits. The colours, the patterns the synchronicity. I'm ganna git the CIA tu hav a rueel guud luuke at that. (attempt at southern american accent)
Remember, before the calm there comes the storm and every one should bloody well take a deep breath and dear god I hope no one attacks Iran cause then all hell will break loose.
Angry Tubbs

Nice Undies

Nice undies. Here is my ode to Anna. Anna Nicole Anna Nicole you began your career dancing round a pole. Your face much like an angel even when getting old. Anna Nicole Anna Nicole you always looked good in undies.
The End
Good on ya!

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Food Bowl

Look at him there. Isn't he just the bees knees. Nice background, nice chair very contemporary suit. What can I say? The man can do no wrong. He just gets better with age. Just like me. I keep scratching at my food bowl but the food never appears until SHE puts some in.
Life is indeed a mysterious and wonderful thing.
I am Vivian and I am the LOVE Monkey of Beat Takeshi.......It's official!

Sunday, February 4, 2007


The fires are back and it's been 40c in the shade again. Whilst I try and try to imagine a cooler wetter place it ends up looking like Jakarta. That's in Indonesia where 75% of the capital is under water. The cracks in the ground are getting bigger and its getting dustier here. On a lighter note we caught the feral cat wot ate some of our chickens. Sooty was his name. And this morning a fox went to his watery grave too. Maybe soon all our chickens will be safe. Maybe soon the fires will cease. Maybe soon it will rain. Maybe soon people will stop fighting. I am Tubbs and I am worried but what good does it do? And I still think George Bush is a turd.... (Definition of a turd: segment of a faeces.) That's right he's not even a full sample of fiscal matter. He's not the full turd. Speaking of turds how about that George Bush Junior?. Ooops sorry I was already talking about that turd. And why does he speak in half sentences? Is he just reafferming that he is not the full turd? That he is a fellaffel short of a kebab? That there is a kangaroo loose in his top paddock? That he is a sandwhich short of a picnic? Ah but as usual I have said too much.

May raindrops of truth fall upon you thoughts



Saturday, February 3, 2007


Here are my holiday photographs. The dingy is now a garden and that's as nautical this little chihuahua will ever get. The one of my ear and the orange sky is with the nice old lady who likes to fish and dream of ice skating and other one is of me looking pretty fabulous with Erik who is waiting for the old lady to catch a fish to eat.
May you always see your tribulations through the turquoise eyes of weeping gratitude