Thursday, December 6, 2007

Not the best place

Its that time of year when you crawl our of your hole after fourteen years living in a drab exoskeleton with nothing to entertain you but the slow pulse of future glories no matter how short lived it may be. So thinking a tyre of a car is the best place to celebrate your new found freedom not to mention potential bonk is probably a pretty thicko idea......That's cicadas for you. Big old thickos. We now have resorted to wearing ear plugs when outside as the sound of them calling out for a root is painful on the old ear drums........They are very pretty though and as for myself and Scuppers and Vivian well we like nothing more than a fresh one for afternoon snacks. Preferably if they are still making their zeep zeep noise...HEH HEH HEH
May the heat of summer fill your reservoirs of fecundity.

Janet Long Paddock having a baby girl called Yuki maybe Ethel

Look at me there in the middle of the bush fires last year all dressed in PINK!!!! That is because I knew that my friend Janet Longpaddock would be having a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!
Enough about Kaye ....What about ME Tubbs. It is my Blog after all.
What about all those poor Australians who nearly got hurt on their trip to the Antarctic!
NO WAY!!! Not Aussies!
Who gives a rats flying arse bum about all those frivolous idiots trying to sail their way to freedom when Howard was in power? If only they could all speak English.
Thats right I am Tubbs and I am sarcastic and it is the lowest for of wit but I am VERY short!
Tubbs.............Feck! Kaye is really attractive right now!

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

new room Happy Birthday Dudley

This is my new study where I ponder the words of the almighty......actually that is a lie. Its not my room. Its just that I wish I had a room like it. I have a room that is almost turquoise and has a mural but its not as grand as this one. I aspire to greatness but life can be a bitter disappointment. But after the rain comes the sun and that's what the colours are all about . This is a picture of the most beautiful room I have ever seen and when I die and go to heaven I will meet all the people I love in that room because it will be the waiting room that I have desired...Heaven is forthose who are loved and love and I hope there is a place for me..Yet more ponderings you have accompanied me upon. You are too kind.
Thunder claps of love may seep into your pores.

Monday, December 3, 2007


I love these two people and the bear scrapes in by association. naturally I love my mum the most even though she is demented. She still loves me and tells me so. I am very lucky, Then there are my friends Janet and Janet who bring me sanity and love and more love and my pets. My pets are not lovable like my friends slash family for they are more like parts of or extent ions of myself much do you love your arm?.....good question. So this brings me back to Kath who has one very sexy and talented arm and Johnny who is just like a walking arm but a bit hairy and very handsome.....arm that is. Tony my brother who is dead and Dudley my dad who is dead I loved very much......But is it better to love the living? I wonder......These are my ponderings. Thank you for joining me
May the thunder of happiness and love shatter your foundations eternally