Thursday, December 6, 2007

Janet Long Paddock having a baby girl called Yuki maybe Ethel

Look at me there in the middle of the bush fires last year all dressed in PINK!!!! That is because I knew that my friend Janet Longpaddock would be having a baby GIRL!!!!!!!!
Enough about Kaye ....What about ME Tubbs. It is my Blog after all.
What about all those poor Australians who nearly got hurt on their trip to the Antarctic!
NO WAY!!! Not Aussies!
Who gives a rats flying arse bum about all those frivolous idiots trying to sail their way to freedom when Howard was in power? If only they could all speak English.
Thats right I am Tubbs and I am sarcastic and it is the lowest for of wit but I am VERY short!
Tubbs.............Feck! Kaye is really attractive right now!

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