Tuesday, December 4, 2007

new room Happy Birthday Dudley

This is my new study where I ponder the words of the almighty......actually that is a lie. Its not my room. Its just that I wish I had a room like it. I have a room that is almost turquoise and has a mural but its not as grand as this one. I aspire to greatness but life can be a bitter disappointment. But after the rain comes the sun and that's what the colours are all about . This is a picture of the most beautiful room I have ever seen and when I die and go to heaven I will meet all the people I love in that room because it will be the waiting room that I have desired...Heaven is forthose who are loved and love and I hope there is a place for me..Yet more ponderings you have accompanied me upon. You are too kind.
Thunder claps of love may seep into your pores.

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