Monday, December 3, 2007


I love these two people and the bear scrapes in by association. naturally I love my mum the most even though she is demented. She still loves me and tells me so. I am very lucky, Then there are my friends Janet and Janet who bring me sanity and love and more love and my pets. My pets are not lovable like my friends slash family for they are more like parts of or extent ions of myself much do you love your arm?.....good question. So this brings me back to Kath who has one very sexy and talented arm and Johnny who is just like a walking arm but a bit hairy and very handsome.....arm that is. Tony my brother who is dead and Dudley my dad who is dead I loved very much......But is it better to love the living? I wonder......These are my ponderings. Thank you for joining me
May the thunder of happiness and love shatter your foundations eternally

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