Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Poor End

I can't remember wether I have shown this painting before. Thats because I have a brain like a siv due to my miss spent youth. It is a painting called "The Angel of Queen Street"
Thats Queen St. in Sydney. Its full of very very rich people who sit at roadside cafes talking loudly. I lived at the poorend of that street for a while,(only in spirit because I wasn't born yet....(Remember I am a slightly angry young chihuahua)
So anyway there I was mixing it with the scum of the earth with Jed the one wot came befor me.(Dog Wise)When an angel walked infront of a ZX9R kawasaki bloody buggery convertable Rolls Royce!
So now you see what I see.
May you come to understand your ghosty maker

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