Friday, February 9, 2007

CIA and Iran

Staying with my deep rooted interest with all thing drying on a hills hoist. Yes, I realise this is NOT a hills hoist, it is a four stringed drying apparatus. However, with these petty distractions you are picking my nits. The colours, the patterns the synchronicity. I'm ganna git the CIA tu hav a rueel guud luuke at that. (attempt at southern american accent)
Remember, before the calm there comes the storm and every one should bloody well take a deep breath and dear god I hope no one attacks Iran cause then all hell will break loose.
Angry Tubbs

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Molly Jane said...

That looks like my grandmother's back yard, minus the palm trees of course. Here's hoping we can make it through the next two years and that we get a good, Democratic president in office. Or that we impeach everyone in there now and Nancy Peolsi takes the office. And that we have a few allies left by then. Cheer's Tubbs, I'm jealous of your warm weather. Have a lovely Sunday evening.