Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Bill and Totti

Christ on a bycicle it's hot today!!! 40c in the shade so I am indoors avoiding the snakes and watching The Bill. I think I could make a great Inspector.....Inspector Tubbs...mmmmm

But that would take away from my true destiny as a player for the SOCCEROOS!!!!! Don't mention the word Totti in my house!

Alas she whom I adore has gone to far away Melbourne for a week and I am left to keep the peace. I hope you are all well and I will anwer you soon but my paws are having difficulty with the mailing system at the moment.

May moonbeams of joy cascade upon your alabaster bottoms.



James said...

You get The Bill over there? I haven't watched that in years the original series was very good but I don't know any of the characters now only good old June Ackland.
I cannot imagine ground so dry it crackles. Must be weird. I know what you mean about semi-neglected places, outbuildings and stuff. I can share that fascination to some extent.
I had another look at your blog on my home pc. The stuff that wouldn't show up at work was the video clips. Are you Japanese? you seem to like a lot of Japanese stuff. Where did you learn to paint? Your work looks like kind of illustration trained.
That might be too many questions than you are comfortable with. Answer or not as you like or keep me guessing....sometimes it's what people don't say that makes them interesting.

Molly Jane said...

I'm not sure I've seen "The Bill." However, something a friend of mine turned me on to (that's from your neck of the woods) is The Kath and Kim Show. Its rediculous but just what I need after a long day at the office.
I'm absolutely smitten with Infanta of the West Melbourne Municiple Pool.