Wednesday, January 3, 2007


No its not illegal and in some countries it is even encouraged. Cross pollination of the species in our case is impossible unless you are suggesting cross pollination of neutered (gawd that's a hard word to spell) species. Any way I'm Vivian and as you already know that is Tubbs. I'm the stupid one she's just pretending.

Today's story is about Jed who was a member of our family many years ago. He died of natural causes unlike Dougal(God rest his Burmese soul) or Brett Whitely who came to a bit of a tricky end in a motel room in Terrigal or Kiama involving some top notch smack and a bottle of pineapple juice. Jed had befriended the Sydney socialite/artist at a coffee house in Kings Cross. They became acquaintances not in an intimate can I sniff your bum kind of way but rather in a gee that's a nice sculpture your carving up there, and I know it's meant to look like a burnt match stick but in fact looks more like a big black giants wopping shlong, do you mind if I piss on it kind of way. Which naturally Mr Whitely thought was utterly hilarious, throwing his head back with gay abandon , which was popular in the early nineties too, passing comment about such things as all the worlds a critic rah rah rah. That's why this painting is called Domain Art Critic and that's why we don't mess around with big black shlongs (not that there is anything wrong with them)or top notch smack or pineapple juice in our family.



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