Sunday, January 28, 2007


We got in the car the other day and drove for nine hours. That's right I said nine long stinking rotten hours only to get near where we were going and another bloody buggery fire breaks out! I tells you this country is burning up and the whole summer has been like hell on earth. It was terrifying yet some how exhilarating (yes I realise that is a big concept for such a little dog) as we drove right past the source of the fire while billowing black and mustard coloured clouds unraveled up wards swallowing the sky. But eventually we got where we were going which was to visit the old people. Parents. Both suffering the cruel ravages of time awakening the realization of the at once sorrowful yet gentle beauty of love and life. And what on earth does the picture have to do with all of this? Well this is a picture taken a long long time ago of a place called Yowie Bay from Matson's boat shed. Her, the one I adore Her maternal family were Finish boat builders who settled here after digging for gold in the fields and bought the property and prospered. Great Grand father known as the prince of light who you shall meet soon was also a habitual gambler losing the entire family fortune leaving only a few street names like Fredrick and Oscar as mementos of a richer time.......Thanks for the memories
Peace to you and may crystal threads always lead you back to your loved ones

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Warren said...

Really Tubbs, you are much more linguistically talented that, Spike, (my Chihuahua) and you probably have higher refined tastes, as he only rolls in the soap ring left by the Coast soap in the shower. He would never be so thoughtful as you.

Thank you for your well wishes and stopping by.