Sunday, February 4, 2007


The fires are back and it's been 40c in the shade again. Whilst I try and try to imagine a cooler wetter place it ends up looking like Jakarta. That's in Indonesia where 75% of the capital is under water. The cracks in the ground are getting bigger and its getting dustier here. On a lighter note we caught the feral cat wot ate some of our chickens. Sooty was his name. And this morning a fox went to his watery grave too. Maybe soon all our chickens will be safe. Maybe soon the fires will cease. Maybe soon it will rain. Maybe soon people will stop fighting. I am Tubbs and I am worried but what good does it do? And I still think George Bush is a turd.... (Definition of a turd: segment of a faeces.) That's right he's not even a full sample of fiscal matter. He's not the full turd. Speaking of turds how about that George Bush Junior?. Ooops sorry I was already talking about that turd. And why does he speak in half sentences? Is he just reafferming that he is not the full turd? That he is a fellaffel short of a kebab? That there is a kangaroo loose in his top paddock? That he is a sandwhich short of a picnic? Ah but as usual I have said too much.

May raindrops of truth fall upon you thoughts



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Molly Jane said...

I have many other words for Senior` Bush, but they sure aren't as kind as "turd."

Peace and cool breezes to you.