Saturday, June 2, 2007

Take lots of fish oil

I have returned from the avalanch of life. My Father died just over a month ago and it took three weeks of hospital visits watching him wither away before my eyes. My pillar and living thesaurus and spell check has gone to his maker the big polar bear in the sky. Whilst all this was going on my mothers dementia was rapidly taking a turn for the bizarre which culminated in not much sleep for me. I write today for the first time as myself and not as Tubbs because she too has been unwell. Beware of Aprils and Mays I say!! She managed to find herself a rotting ecoli ridden carcus or droppings(so much for her past time) and so is now on a special diet and antibiotics. My mum on the other hand is physicaally healthier than all of us put together and the nine hour car trip from Gosford to Wangaratta was very very high tension to say the least....Thank god for Tamazipan. I'm not one to normally condone knocking old people out with meds but in this case it was a matter of keping her in the car.
Anyway we made it and I felt like th worst daughter in the world when we had to drop her off at the dementia unit of the hospital But as people kept telling me I needed to get some sleep. Its taken over a month but she is settling down...a bit.
We are converting the old tobbacco shed into a studio so expect much more natty artsy fartsy stuff from moi. This may be the only time I write as myself so be prepared for the return of angry Tubbs. She gets angry easily.
May the petals of cherry blossoms tickle you in all your crevices of hate.
Kaye xx


Molly Jane said...

Its truely amazing to me what people can endure and carry on from. Sounds like you have had an incredible few months. I send to you and Tubbs big, healing love, American style.

kaye said...

Thanks Mate
You're a legend.