Saturday, December 16, 2006

Christ almighty! We are now into our third week of feculent smoke inhalation. It reminds me of Tokyo in the early seventies when you would be running across the play ground trying to usurp the soccer ball off your nemesis Hayashi Yuuki when suddenly BANPH! a thousand needles would perforate your eyeballs and a swarm of kamikaze bees sting your lungs. Now, that's pollution. And this reminds me of that. Today is Sunday and its probably going to get a bit hot but not too awful. Today I would like to introduce you to my brother Dougal. Dougal adopted our family a few years ago. A Burmese Blue his personality and good looks beyond compare. Dougal helped me see the world from a perspective mere mortals can't even dream about. He tested me and cajoled me and taught me the necessity for irony and a good fart joke. Many has been the time I was pinned down by Dougal while he opened a jar over my nose and mouth containing a fart he had saved. So maybe he drank a little too much at times and quoted Benny Hill or Spike Milligan incessantly but who amongst us has not enjoyed the awkward and uncomfortable silence produced by an inappropriate comment amongst strangers?

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