Friday, December 15, 2006

Atomic chihuahua

No its not an atomic bomb going off at the end of the tobacco paddock! It's what a bushfire looks like when it's a wee tiny thing(just like me). That's my fabulous ear on the left and this also happens to be the last blue sky day we have had for quite some time. I must say the incessant smoke is really starting to gnaw on all our nerves. We are all incredibly grateful to all the fire fighting people who are doing such a difficult job to protect us. There is not much water left in our river(that's where I get my drinking water from) cause it NEVER rains. Christ all mighty its enough to turn you into a bloody buggery poodle! At least our chances of falling off the perch due to skin cancer is diminishing whilst our chances of slipping off the cliff due to lung cancer is multiplying exponentially. Yes I realize you are extremely impressed with my gargantuan vocabulary but you must remember, I am a very cross chihuahua and as the song says Anger is an Inwegqua.........or something. The orange dappled sunlight is gently kissing the tinderbox lawn which once boasted its veridian hue to all of mother nature, today even the roses look like tired old whores. Woa is me, this dryness is reeking havoc with my humid equilibrium. Oh for the lushness of the jaungle surrounding my mother land of lake Titicaca. But I digress.... Please be mindful of the water you use there isn't much left and I am due for a shampoo.

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