Sunday, December 10, 2006

Summer on Fire

Hello my name is Tubbs and I live in the Alpine region of Victoria. I am but a small chihuahua cross who likes to chew on rabbit pellets and day old wombat droppings. I like to think mine is a refined pallet. Over the last week we have been on fire. That's right the whole arsehole country is burning up. We wake up to the blinding filthy stink of smoke and we fall asleep coughing our guts but what can you do? As I said before I am but a small cross chihuahua.

I found my self in these pleasant surroundings just over a year ago when I was rescued from the wrong side of the tracks. My mother was a Pomeranian whore and my father was a randy bastard chihuahua. I like to think I take after my father. (At least that's what the sheepskin rug thinks) They cut out my uterus when I was six months old so I can do whatever the hell I like.

1 comment:

Pinky with the shrinking head said...

you sound like a parisian bitchy poodle its just summer in australia. YOu got no bloody probl;ems compared to me i have a tormenting shrinking head now thats tough