Thursday, December 28, 2006


We went for a drive yesterday up past the Buffalo Dam to see the water level and any remains of the fire. It was eeeerie. it smelled of burnt eucalyptus mixed with soil and there was only silence, no birds singing. The reprieve that Christmas brought is subsiding for the air is filling up with smoke again as the wind changes and the fires gain momentum. It made me feel full of dread as I saw what the fire monster can do. Oi when will the rains come?
We have Christmas visitors in the home at the moment(besides the carrot people) They are my two city cousins Lola the Shnoodle and Ike who is a pizza. I like Ike best because he is the same size as me. We snuck into the compost last night and ate lettuce and lots of gnocchi.....Now I don't feel like such a small chihuahua. More like a bloater fish (with wind) oh how we farted during the night and threw our heads back with such abandon and mock gaiety. Vivian does such bad farts that I have seen a big man fall backwards with tears in his eyes. True.

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