Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Too much good thing James Brown is dead

Just look at her! I told her not to go so hard on the Catnip last Sunday but would she listen? She now has what is called Catnip Thursday which is a condition most common amongst very hairy chihuahuas. She is asleep at the keyboard dreaming she is the bald love monkey of Mr. Kitano Takeshi. Christ all mighty and I'm the one left having to deal with these three feral carrots. The one on the left is called Stumpy, the one in the middle is called Mingy(she is a member of the band called Carrots with Minges) and the one on the right is Bob. They turned up in our vegie patch from deep within the earth and are here to show their respects for the passing of a Mr. Brown. James Brown. Bob thinks he is a medium and has been trying to communicate with James Brown all night which has been quite annoying. But they are guests in our home so I will respect their strange and foreign ways....

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