Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Love Monkey

I love Kitano Beat Takeshi so much that I want to be his love monkey. Any hoo I was loitering around the chook pen this morning wondering why there used to be nine chooks and now there are five. As I pondered this conundrum it occurred to me that five is less than nine. Which prompted me to ask the question"What became of the other four?" No sooner had this perplexing question rattled my little chestnut brain that a massive stinking fekkin monster of a feral cat appeared from inside the chook pen climbed up the fence and disappeared into the blackberries. Bastard mangy cat! I'ma ganna catch that cat and have a good talk to it about how this thing that it is doing is not a good thing and then I will get Nasty like Janet Jackson and then it's gunna be really sorry it nicked my chooks.

All hail the master himself the one the only Beat Takeshi....YAYVivian the little Burmese tit is really annoying me today because he keeps biting my paws and ears. I hope I don't catch a furball off him



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chickenrittle said...

Love this painting Missy Kaye.