Monday, December 25, 2006


Was it the catnip speaking? or was it the residue from the techno beat of that crapulous previous night spent with Vivian, I may never know. But I had a dream. I had a dream I had been on a long plane flight from Tokyo my home and now I was on a train looking out the window. The train started from Cronulla where I got on with my mum and a pair of Ice skates. There was a tiny map of Australia printed on the corner of the window. It was the logo of the glass manufacturing company. There were government warnings on the walls. There was a drawing of a man chasing a woman chasing a man chasing a woman and they were all orange and they were all naked and they all were laughing and big words said something something

( I couldn't read English) V.D.

Whats V.D.? I asked me mum. I don't recall the answer but I do recall being directed to become aware of the Neon golf man on the sign of the golf shop outside the window. We were at Central. I named him Central Golf Man. His puce neon golf balls fly along the veridian backdrop interminably, incessantly knocking me on the head. I can't stand that winter chill that seeps into your bones and contracts your body to a sweaty shaking mess. .....Oh I've said too much. Forgive me, as you know I am a very very small chihuahua.

I'm Tubbsie

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chickenrittle said...

These truely are the ramblings of a twit, and I love it.