Sunday, January 14, 2007

Religious name

Hi my name is Michael Jackson. I was named after someone religious but really I am just a penguin. Not even a real penguin. A one eyed penguin , not that there is anything wrong with that.
I suppose you are wondering how Joseph Hibiscus is, well he's fine, here is what happened next.
"Pish off yahggh liddle shodssshj!" shouts Joseph while a grimace replaces the smile and he flaps his sour dough arms about. Grimace at the prospect of itching ankles at midnight. Grimace to reach his haven, the safe place between the potted rubber plant and the snoring water dispenser. At times crouching on his haunches, at times rocking to and fro, at times concentrating on folding and unfolding his lips. Standing on the balls of his feet, pressing his back into the wall, hoping no one will notice him or the gaping crevice appearing in the daytime floor.
To be continued....
Michael Jackson( Sometimes Tubbs and Vivian don't like to talk about themselves so they use me as a mouth piece)

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