Saturday, January 13, 2007


The smoke is very heavy again and there are blowflies galore. I went for a walk and found some primo poo and rolled in it which was just great and I got promptly taken to the river for a bath.......I feel like a pearl before swine sometimes, no one appreciates my refined connoisseur's tastes.
I want to tell you a story . Its the story of a man who moved into my head a couple of years ago and wouldn't move out until I wrote him out which is hard when you have very small paws. His name is Joseph Hibiscus and this is his story.
The Genuflection of Joseph Hibiscus
Joseph Hibiscus quivered as the ivory bread nurse plucked out the last unruly nasal hair of which Joseph Hibiscus posessed a particularly virulent variety.
"Thar ya go Joh, ready for ya big wide world now eh?" She then touched him on the shoulder. He felt his soul soar, sucking in a deep breath as if to gather the ether surrounding such a miraculous event. Joseph tried to smile into her moon face but it was like walking through winter treacle. Once the lugubrious smile reached its pinnacle it was another five minutes before the face could catch up with the inner world of Mr. Joseph Hibiscus. By which time he shuffles down the mezzanine. Mindful of the snap snapping jaws of those pesky little Albanese minature crocodiles who were escapees from the recently donated Chinese water feature. A gift from the grateful husband of a woman forever lost to the meanderings of her menopausal mind.
Stay tuned for the next installment of The Genuflection of Joseph Hibiscus......

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