Friday, January 12, 2007


Well that's true. The latest update with the chicken/feral cat scenario goes like this......A large trap has been set, five chicken thighs have been planted as bait and the wheelie bin has been filled with water in preparation. The last two remaining chooks have been christened Yvon and Carlo for obvious reasons which I am far too gallant to go into and basically it's still fopping hot. If you are sick of all my winging and whining and strangely beguiling swearing technique about the fires and the heat and so forth spare a thought for ME! The painting is a picture of a photo of a painting of the spirit of Jed,(of the Domain Art Critic fame...) Yes, maybe his sexual orientation was ambiguous and yes, perhaps he enjoyed bandannas and Dusty Springnutts a little too much but so what, get your laws and paws off my bum I say!

May the flames of love lap at the skirt tales of you favorite swimming frock.


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