Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Hairy arse

Meet Anna Nicole Smith our latest addition to the chook fraternity. Yes she is Buxom and she speaks her mind in so many unthinkable ways. Yet she is one of the lucky ones. For we have trapped and sent 4 feral cats and one fox to a watery grave and someone (not us, ran over another one of the cats on the bridge. ...The rickety bridge)
There was Ren and Stimpy, Frieda and Carlo and Ivon and Carlo2 and so many more. Now the Chickens are all safe but we keep the trap set just in case!!!! I understand that this kind of killing is justified not only because it saves so many chooks but also native animals.Cats and foxes are imported and they are killing many native spicies.Vivian has never been ouside.
love and kindness to you all, they are not a sign of weekness but strength,
I have a very hairy arse

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Molly Jane said...

Anna Nicole is a true beauty! Hope your body is healing.