Thursday, January 11, 2007


Oh Tubsie when will she be home? I miss her so.. Its been four days and fifteen minutes since that great institute of learning took our love away. Since she's been gone I can do what ever I waaaaant but nothing, nothing can take away this blues..cause ...oh crap University is where she is and learning a bunch of stuff is what she's doing and I am NOT Sinerd O conner. I don't think much of the pope but more because of his non gender specific attire than anything else. Nice hat though.
Shanti Shanti

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Molly Jane said...

What sweet, sweet creatures you have. I'll have to find one to share of our doggie, Jelli. She's a Buddhist like her mama. She's also bi-sexual.

Hope this day goes by quicker! Do Australians like Friday's as much as Americans do?